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Dear Cyclist,

We are Autun-Morvan Tours by Vélo TransAtlantique, and we offer a French bicycle touring experience with a real difference.

Some tours are performance oriented and follow the spring classics, or one of the grand tours. Others will take you in stages from one town to another, usually along one of France’s more heavily traveled tourist areas. In neither of these examples, fine though they are, will you have a chance to know France. With our tour, you won’t be on a schedule, you won’t have to rush to get to the next town when what you really want to do is ride a few more miles, and you won’t have to worry about packing and unpacking every day.

From our home town in Autun, in the heart of the Burgundy region, we will explore the region that the French call, “la France Profonde”, deepest France. Autun is known as one of the gateways to the Morvan regional park which is situated in the heart of Burgundy and covers 1,158 square miles.

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Our tour offers an opportunity to become immersed in the life, culture, and rhythms of a typical French town in one of the most beautiful regions of France. From your base in Autun, we will ride along rural lanes into remarkable french countryside. Each day, you will find the hidden corners of the region, the sweeping views across pastoral valleys, the small family chateaux, roman ruins, and pre-Roman edifices. At the end of each day, you will return to the town that will become yours for the week.

Each year, the town, and region, offers a new surprise.  This July, Autun will host the 5th stage of the tour de France. In fact the Tour de France will pass in front of our home here, you’ll cheer them from out front gate, and you’ll ride the very same roads that we consider our back yard in the wonderful Morvan hills.

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There is more to Autun than the tour however. There is a weeklong choral festival. There is market day on Wednesday and Friday mornings. There are concerts on the town square, and much more.
The full tour package is described on the following pages where you will also find a note from one of our guests from last year. Our tours are open to all cyclists no matter what brand of bicycle you own. We restrict each tour to 8 people. We are offering five tours; one a month from May through September, but can add more if needed. We can also customize a tour for you.  You can contact me with your questions, and for additional information, at the numbers below.

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