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Recycle-a-Bike Youth Bike Program

Cycle in France and AND support a great youth bike program !

How does this work?

For each of our booked tours, we will donate $50 for each guest to RECYCLE-A-BICYCLE.  This includes all scheduled tours, as well as any custom tours.  Our group tours run with a minimum of six guests, and a maximum of eight guests, so it's pretty easy to see that you will get an incomparable personalized cycling experience in France, and you'll be supporting a great youth cycling program in the U.S.

RECYCLE-A-BICYCLE is a New York City bicycle recycling program.  The purpose of the organization is two fold: recycling and youth job training. With RECYCLE-A-BICYCLE, kids learn a marketable skill and, with enough hard work, ride away with a bike they put together themselves.  The program has expanded to four schools in New York City; nearly doubled its annual number of students, opened two retail shops, and currently employs eight staff, some of them former program graduates. In addition to its school-based classes, RECYCLE-A-BICYCLE offers a wide range of programs such as a Ride Club, art programs utilizing recycled bike parts, and others too numerous to list.  In addition to their own programs, RECYCLE-A-BICYCLE can also provide resource material called "Tools for Life" for others interested in starting similar programs.  All of the information is available on their website -

RAB recycle a bike

Also don't forget to check out our discounts program for "Family, Friends, or Club".  Gather together friends, family or club members and have them sign up for a Velo TransAtlantique tour, and you could go on the trip for FREE.